Hospital Care

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Hospital Care

Hospital Care services offered in Carmichael, CA

If you’re admitted to the hospital for an unexpected illness or injury, the ampleHealth medical team can provide you with high-quality hospital care. Board-certified Internist Dheeraj Kamra, MD, and the providers coordinate your treatment plan with hospital staff. They also continue providing the medical care you need after discharge. Call the Carmichael, California, office to learn more about the benefits of the available hospital care services, or book an appointment online today. 

Hospital Care Q&A

What is hospital care?

Hospital care includes services you might need during a hospital stay for illness, injury, or surgery.

The ampleHealth medical team offers in-hospital visits to assess your health and monitor any treatments you need. They work closely with hospital staff to coordinate your care plan and ensure you have the necessary resources to support your recovery and overall health.

The medical team has experience providing personalized hospital care for adults aged 20 and up. They also specialize in geriatrics services for adults aged 65 and older who are hospitalized after a fall or due to a sudden or chronic illness.

After discharge, the team provides post-acute care services if you need physical therapy or other rehabilitative services for your recovery. 

What can I expect during hospital care?

You should contact the Ample Health office if you’re not feeling well or experience an injury that may require hospital care. They have admitting privileges at area hospitals to avoid delays you may face when going through the emergency room.

If you’re already hospitalized for surgery, illness, or injury, you should also contact the team as soon as possible, so they can follow up on your care.

The team visits you in the hospital during rounds to monitor and coordinate your care. They can order diagnostic tests, prescribe medications you need, and discuss your options for necessary treatments.

What are the benefits of hospital care?

Being in the hospital can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re not feeling well. Having direct access to your family physician ensures you get the high-quality care you deserve from someone who understands your medical history.

The ampleHealth team can guide you through all medical decisions you need to make while hospitalized. Because they work closely with the hospital staff, the team stays on top of your health for the length of your stay.

They can also continue your care after discharge without delays to ensure you follow through with the required treatments to support your recovery. The team provides in-office visits and can also meet with you virtually through the telehealth platform you can access with your smartphone, computer, or tablet. 

Call ampleHealth to learn more about the benefits of hospital care, or book an appointment online today.